Private Accent Reduction Coaching for Actors and Professionals


Lessons in NYC and Online

American English Master is a private speech and accent reduction service owned and operated by Eric Thal.  

If you have the goal of speaking with a natural, truthful, and effortless quality, you are in the right place. You will be able to speak with confidence for presentations, performances, business, and in everyday life.

You can expect to:

  • be easily understood by native speakers

  • reduce your accent

  • speak American Standard English

  • improve your speech for your business and personal life

  • prepare for presentations, performances or job interviews

  • speak naturally



The sound “ɪ“ as in “BIT”'

At the link above, you will find following three files:

1. AUDIO FILE: The basic sound explained with drilling of the vowel sound (including vowel peak); alone, and then preceded by and followed by consonant sounds. There is also a word list.

2. AUDIO FILE: A drill of the words and sentences from #1, each one spoken three times.

3. PDF FILE: The word and sentence list. 

For this lesson to be effective, it is important to repeat the sounds, the words, and the sentences out loud.


What should I know about the American accent?

Spoken American English has a rhythm that stresses key words and reduces less important words. What is heard as a non-native "accent" is often over-pronunciation of words. In addition to proper pronunciation, you'll learn how to reduce words.

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What's the first step?

At your first lesson, an initial evaluation will help determine what sounds you have to work on. You'll learn the exact mouth positions for the correct sounds, and practice intonation and reduction, using word and sentence lists and original dialogues.


How can I eliminate my accent?

There is truth to the saying “practice makes perfect.“ We drill certain material to help make the new sounds and patterns in your speech become second nature. A regular routine of lessons and reviewing the recorded sessions at home will accelerate your progress.

One thing to keep in mind while taking lessons: outside of the classroom, when you have a conversation with someone, be sure to focus on your ideas rather than thinking about the details of your speech.