Over the years Eric Thal has helped people from all over the world change their speech patterns, and consequently change their confidence and self-perception.

One's speech is a very personal matter and it's important to work with someone who understands your concerns or even fears. Learning American English can be a fun and greatly rewarding process. If you've never been given an exact explanation of the sounds of American English, then it's no wonder that some sounds may be substitutes or approximations from your first language.

We will first take steps to identify the areas of your speech that need strengthening. Understanding the correct mouth positions will demystify American English. This can be done quite quickly and is useful if someone just wants to take a few (or even one) lessons.

If you wish to take more lessons, our next step becomes integrating your intellectual understanding and getting it into your body so that your speech becomes natural, relaxed, and even effortless.

Further areas of study would include public speaking for presentations, board meetings; performances, direction and detailed observation of the American accent for actors/actresses; phone conversations; coaching for attorneys for accent, presentation and truthfulness; and role playing for casual conversations or job interviews.