Accent Reduction Lessons

in New York City and on Skype

American English Master is a private speech and accent reduction service owned and operated by Eric Thal. Clients work directly with Mr. Thal as their coach. 

If you have a comprehensive understanding of English, and have the goal of speaking with a naturaltruthful, and effortless quality, you are in the right place. In sessions, we examine all elements of the sound of American English, for performances, presentations, business, and everyday life.

You can expect to:

  • reduce your accent or speak American Standard English
  • improve your everyday speaking for your business or personal life
  • prepare for your presentation, performance or job interview
  • speak naturally
  • be understood by native speakers

Spoken American English has a rhythm that stresses key words and reduces less important words. What is heard as a non-native "accent" is often over-pronunciation of words. In addition to proper pronunciation, we'll teach you how to reduce words.

An initial evaluation will help determine what sounds you have to work on to get rid of your accent. You'll learn the exact mouth positions for the correct sounds, and practice intonation and reduction, using word and sentence lists and original dialogues. 

We encourage you to take lessons regularly, record lessons and review at home. Practice a lot! But when you have a conversation with someone, you should focus on what you are saying instead of worrying about your accent. Our work in the class room and your work at home is the rehearsal process. Our goal is not to give you more things to think about in real life situations, but rather to allow you to be free to express yourself.