"Eric helped me for my off-Broadway show, "I and Me & You and I" in the fall of 2007 at 45 Bleecker's Theater, not only to teach the lines but also give me much advice as an actor and a director. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

 - Michi Yamamura (Actress, Japan)

“Eric is an extraordinary tutor: dedicated, perfectionist, friendly and motivated. He will teach you the ins and outs of American English articulation, down to the last technical detail! He prepares classes meticulously and customizes his classes to address your specific pronunciation difficulties based on your origin and mother tongue. In my case, for instance, we worked quite a bit on vowels and on becoming more perceptive to subtle speech and intonation distinctions that are often lost on the non-native speaker. If your English is anything less than perfect, Eric will undoubtedly help you to take it to the next level. I recommend him unreservedly."

- Gustavo (from Argentina)

"If you are looking for a bright, experienced, dedicated and patient teacher who is going to go the extra step with you, then you are in the right place. As a native speaker, Eric is one of a kind who understands your particular language needs regardless of your origin. A worthwhile investment which will last you a lifetime."

 - Robert V.

"It was to my great advantage to study with Eric Thal. I found him extremely professional and knowledgeable about my issues. It was an amazing transformation. I would recommend his services highly to anyone wishing to improve their spoken English."

- Ephraim Gildor

"When I had the lessons with Eric, I really saw the light. Since his teaching method was a theoretical ( logical ) approach and systematic, the lessons were very enjoyable and I could improve my English speaking capability in a short time."

- Emiko Kanisawa

"Eric Thal is an excellent speech coach - very patient and one who truly cares about his students' progress.  In addition to helping his students sound American, Eric also makes sure that you look relaxed and confident when speaking, by helping you avoid any unnecessary tension and movement in the face.  I feel excited about the progress I've made with Eric's help and enthusiastic about continuing working toward learning to speak with an American Accent.  If you are looking for an American Accent coach- I highly recommend Eric Thal!"

- Nelly (originally from Ukraine)

“Before training with Eric, I could understand only 50% of any US dialogue I was listening to. And I had to repeat at least twice when ordering a mere “bottle of water”. Eric helped me working on my English sound after sound, sentence after sentence, with an infinite patience, awesome precision and exquisite kindness. His method includes speaking in front of a mirror, to check what is happening mechanically during the pronunciation process and improving it by physical adjustment. Eric may also use whatever makes the lesson useful and enjoyable for you, like watching videos or studying lyrics. He is also the most concerned and focused teacher ever, with a great sense of humor. After a few weeks, people started to compliment me on how much easier I was to understand. I ended up understanding almost everything I was hearing around me. I have been recommending Eric to all my friends and professional contacts since then.”

 - Carole Sabas (Editor, France)

“Not only did Eric help me improve my standard American English, he also gave me insightful adjustments to my approach on scripted materials. During my workshops with Casting Directors Katharina Eggmann (of CBS Primetime Casting) and Kim Moarefi, both ladies commented on how fantastic Eric is as an Actor, and the best way to prepare for an audition is by coaching with a working actor.”

 - Wayne Chang (Actor, New York)

"Eric Thal is a professional, outstanding teacher. He helped me a lot to improve my spoken English. He is detail oriented, always organized and very patient. I recommend him highly." 

- Tomasz Surdyka (Originally from Poland) 

"Eric is a great guy, patient, kind, and dedicated. Just by talking with you for a few minutes, he can quickly identify what you need to improve on with your accent. His lessons are designed based on your situation and improving your accent in a progressive and steady way. I learned a lot from him, and I strongly recommend him to all desperately dreaming to have a perfect American accent." 

- Haibing Lu (Originally from China)

“Eric’s lessons were instrumental to reduce my Eastern European accent and to build up confidence in my business communication. I really enjoyed his open and personal style and when he mixed in elements of acting. I feel I made very good progress on improving my speech working with him, I can only give the highest recommendation for  Eric.” 

 - Gabe G.

"Eric is a very patient and flexible teacher and cares about his student’s improvement. Now I am more conscious about movement of the mouth. What I like about him is that he tries to correct my Japanese accent but he also respects individualities to save some good part of me.  His background as an actor in film/theater is one of his strengths to teach me how to speak in front of people.  Thank you very much, Eric." 

 - Yukie

"On a daily basis, I reap the rewards of taking lessons with Eric. I used to avoid certain words or sounds because I didn't know how to pronounce them. Now, I'm much more confident, knowing that I'll be easily understood." 

 - Dmitry Marduk (Graphic Designer, Russian language speaker originally from Azerbaijan)

"Eric Thal is a very sincere and dedicated teacher. He helped me a lot within a short time."

 - Hiroko (from Japan)

"Eric is a great teacher who is detail oriented and really serious about improving my accent.  I think this is crucial because for an intermediate English speaker, the difference between an American accent and his own accent is sometimes subtle.  However, I now feel that this subtle difference makes a great improvement in sounding like an American."

- Hiroyuki Fukuda

"I'm convinced my English has become much better thanks to Eric. Before I met him I was wondering why sometimes I couldn't make myself understood even though I thought I used grammatically correct English. But Eric helped me to solve the problem. It was just because my English wasn't pronounced correctly. Those mistakes in an accent are too subtle to realize for someone like me whose first language is not English, But as I took his lesson, I became aware of the sound difference in my speech.He has a lot of knowledge not only about accents. Sometimes he pointed out mistakes I made in conversation, and it was also helpful for me to improve my skill. He is so serious and professional, and the lesson was so fun and effective that I was always motivated." 

- M. H (from Japan)

"Eric is an excellent tutor, very patient and had a great rapport with me.  I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending Eric.  He not only restored my confidence toward English, he also reminded me how fun learning English used to be!"

- Anonymous