AEM Mission

AEM's mission is to help students achieve their long term goals of improving their speech in their business and personal lives by making them aware of their improvements in each lesson. Students have a variety of goals, including learning basic English, achieving their TOFEL or TOEIC score, improving their communication skills, and in the case of performing artists, correcting their accents to play characters with standard American accents.

A wide variety of students, from many different backgrounds with a variety of interests and goals, have studied with Eric Thal of American English Master. Lessons follow a logical approach, but are also customized for each student's individual needs.


What makes AEM special?

  • Individually tailored lessons to meet each student's needs

  • Your Coach is a Professional actor/teacher who learned American Standard himself in order to play roles

  • The experience of coaching theatre and film professionals to fix their accents

  • The experience of teaching students from all over the world, at different levels, with different needs, and in different professions

  • An original system and teacher-devised methods and exercises to speak naturally

  • Reasonable prices considering the level of expertise


Past and Current Clients include...

actors, performers, sales people, attorneys, accountants, technicians, engineers, students, business people, bankers, office managers and people from all walks of life, interested in improving their speech for business or personal reasons.